Little Rock
When to come?: 

Little Rock is a 4-season destination, so come when it's convenient, or plan your trip around the Little Rock Marathon in March, the Oauchita Trail 50 Mile and 50K in April, or the Big Dam Bridge 100 Mile cycle tour in September.

What mountains/hills can I hike nearby?: 

The best place to get some mountain hiking in is Pinnacle Mountain State Park - the East Summit Trail or the West Summit Trail.


Pinnacle Mountain State Park


Pinnacle Mountain State Park just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a popular place to go for a hike - although it isn't the tallest mountain in Arkansas, the views from the top are fantastic.

There are two trails to the top - the West Summit Trail and the East Summit Trail. The West Summit Trail is 0.75 miles long, and is marked with signs from 1 to 10 that let you know how far you are from the top. This is not an easy climb, and can be quite strenuous - and that's the easy way up! The East Summit Trail involves more hand over hand boulder climbing, so that's not for the faint of heart. You can also hike around the base of the mountain, or take one of the many other trails in the park - these link up to the Ouchita Trail, which goes for 225 miles into Oklahoma.

Big Dam Bridge


The Big Dam Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the Arkansas River that connects the Arkansas River Trail in Little Rock on the south side of the river to the Arkansas River Trail in North Little Rock on the north side of the river. The bridge was custom built for pedestrian use, and was added to the dam. Chunks of the dam that they removed to embed the pedestrian bridge now serve as markers on either side of the bridge.

The bridge has good parking areas that you can use to access the Arkansas River Trail or the singletrack Pfeifer Loop dirt trail, which then connects to other trails in Burns Park in North Little Rock.

The Big Dam Bridge 100 bicycle ride is a classic charity ride held in September, with distances of 16, 30, 50, 68, or 100 miles to benefit the Big Dam Bridge Foundation -

Another event is the Big Dam Bridge Twilight 5k Run held in July in the evening -

See more about the Big Dam Bridge Foundation here -

The official web page from Pulaski County is here -

Burns Park


Burns Park in North Little Rock has 15 miles of trails for mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians. Because the park is open to horses, mountain biking here cane be a little frustrating if it's been muddy and the trails are torn up. In the summer, this park is usually in pretty good shape - the upper trails are rockier and don't get as muddy, but a lot of mountain bikers prefer the Camp Robinson trails.