Dallas Triathlon

Dallas has a great triathlon scene - lots of lakes in the metro area make for a lot of different venues for triathlons. Right now, North Texas doesn't have any Ironman-branded races, but the Toyota US Championship in October is the finishing race for the Lifetime Fitness triathlon series!

The PrairieMan half iron distance triathlon is the longest triathlon in DFW - for iron-distance racing, do Ironman Texas in May in The Woodlands (Houston), or Redman in September in Oklahoma City.

Where can I get a triathlon/duathlon event schedule?: 

PlayTri has a great event calendar at http://www.playtri.com/races

Also check out Ironhead Productions race calendar at http://www.ironheadrp.com/index.html

Rogue Ranch 30K at Reveille Peak Ranch Race Report

I haven't run anything long since the Ouachita Trail 50K in April. My legs felt terrible at the end of that run, and I had to limp in on the 3-mile home stretch on a busy road...not the most fun in the world. I took a week off from running, and then slowly got back on track. I switched from the trail shoes I wore up in Arkansas to New Balance MT101 shoes, because they didn't make my knees hurt. My best guess is that by running in the MT101s, I changed my stride, and made my overpronation shoes overcompensate. All of this made me cut down on the miles I would run, because I didn't want to hurt myself.

Ouachita 50 Trail Race

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Sat, 2011-04-16

The Ouachita Trail 50 Mile and 50K starts in Maumelle Park and then runs on pavement for three miles to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. There's an "easy" and a "hard" way up the mountain - both races take the hard way up the mountain and the easy way back down the mountain. Of course the easy way isn't actually that easy - but there is a photographer on top of the mountain to catch your summit!

Race Types: 
Running race
50K Ultramarathon
50 Mile Ultramarathon
Trail Run

Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail

The Jackfork Mountain Bike Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park is new - the trail opened in October 2010, and it hasn't been completely worn in yet. The trail is about seven and a half miles long, and is basically an intermediate trail - once it's ridden in, it should be closer to beginner-intermediate.


Little Rock Triathlon

Little Rock is at the center of the small-but-growing triathlon scene in Arkansas. Many of the best triathlons are put on by DLT Events - checking their calendar is one of the best ways to find triathlons to enter.

Triathlon Stores: 

Houston Triathlon

Where can I get a triathlon/duathlon event schedule?: 

The Houston Racing club maintains a schedule at http://www.houstonracing.com/?page_id=437

You can also take a look at http://www.totrfitness.com/events/ - maintained by Tri on the Run.

Baltimore Triathlon

Where can I get a triathlon/duathlon event schedule?: 

San Antonio Triathlon

Where can I get a triathlon/duathlon event schedule?: 

The main triathlon series in San Antonio is the Alamo Tri Series - http://www.alamotriseries.com/

You can also check http://www.redlicoriceevents.com/ for Central Texas Triathlons, and Redemption Race Productions - http://www.redemptionrp.com/

Madison Triathlon

Where can I get a triathlon/duathlon event schedule?: 

Fleet Feet Madison keeps a pretty nice running, duathlon, and triathlon calendar - http://www.fleetfeetmadison.com/calendar

Triathlon Races: 

Prickly Pear 50K and 10 Miler

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Sat, 2011-03-12

The San Antonio Road Runners put on a great trail race in San Antonio in McAllister Park by the airport in March. It used to be held in May, but that must have been extremely hot.

The 10-mile loop course is a windy maze of mostly singletrack mountain biking trails, with about 3/4 of a mile on top of a dam/flood control structure that is completely exposed. The rest is pretty shady. 50K runners do three loops. The course has mile markers, which is a nice touch for a trail race.

Race Types: 
Running race
10 Mile
50K Ultramarathon
Trail Run
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