Lake Grapevine North Shore Trail

The North Shore Trail on Lake Grapevine is the best mountain biking trail in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The trail is an 18-mile round trip on singletrack, and 5 miles each way of the single track is one-way. Only 4 miles of the trail are shared out-and-back, making the tight turns on this trail much easier to negotiate.

Directions given here are to the MADD Shelter, which is a good starting point for both mountain biking and trail running.


Rockledge Rumble

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Sat, 2011-11-12

The Rockledge Rumble is the North Texas Trail Runners club race. It's always held near Veteran's Day in November, as the race honors America's veterans.

The race offers 50K, 30K, and 15K distances - the longer distance for ultramarathoners who want to test themselves on the only trail ultra in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area.

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50K Ultramarathon
Trail Run

Rockledge Rumble 50K Race Report

Rockledge Rumble 50K Race Report
November 13, 2010
Grapevine, Texas

I was excited about coming up to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to run the Rockledge Rumble trails at Lake Grapevine. I'd heard that the Northshore trails were the best for trail running in the Metroplex, and the race fit pretty well into my calendar, two weeks after the Cactus Rose 50 Miler.

Seabrook Nature Trails

The Seabrook Nature trails are a series of crushed granite trails that go from Meador Park at the corner of Hammer and Meyer to Pine Bluff Park on Galveston Bay (Pine Bluff park costs $20 to enter if you are not a Seabrook resident).

The round trip if you do all of the trails is about six miles - in several places, the trail forks to go around a gully or bayou. Along the way, you'll pass through Hester Park, which used to be a plant nursery, and was later converted into park land.


Galveston Island State Park


Galveston Island State Park stretches from the beach to the bay, 10 miles west of the city of Galveston. Most come to the state park for the wide, sandy beach on the Gulf of Mexico, and then stay to camp at either the beach side campground or the bay side campground.

NOTE: The park was damaged by Hurricane Ike two years ago, but has recovered quite well - the facilities are still not completely back to where they were, but restrooms and showers are now available within the park.

There are 4 miles of hiking and biking trails within the park on the bay side.

The State of Texas has also established several paddling trails for canoes and kayaks on the bay side, the Dana Cove trail, the Oak Bayou trail, and the Jenkins Bayou trail. The best description of these paddling trails is on the Galveston Island Paddling Trails web site.

The state park has an excellent, color, trail map of the hiking/biking trails and the paddling trails, but it does not appear to be online yet. The map we link to here has the trails on it, but it's not as clear. Ask for the paper map at the park headquarters.

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Memorial Park Trails

The mountain biking trails in Memorial Park are the best singletrack trails inside the Loop in Houston. They get very busy on weekends and after work, so you have to be very careful on them, whether you are walking your dog, trail running, hiking, or mountain biking.


Seymour Lieberman Exercise Trail

The Seymour Lieberman Exercise Trail is a crushed-granite 2.93 mile loop that circles the golf course in Houston's Memorial Park. There are several water fountains (for you and your dog) along the way, along with two sets of porta-potties. There are only two road crossings (the entry and exit to a parking area), but the entire trail is next to busy streets, so you never really feel like you are getting away.


Memorial Park


Memorial Park is Houston's Central Park. Located west of downtown (south of I-10, east of I-610), Memorial Park is the place to go for outdoors recreation inside the loop. Some days it feels like everyone in Houston is out on the jogging trail, mountain biking, playing tennis, or just enjoying the day.

Memorial Park has the best public golf course in Houston, tennis courts, baseball fields, volleyball courts, picnic areas, and the Houston Arboretum.

Cactus Rose 50 Mile Race Report 2010

Cactus Rose 50 Mile Report
October 30, 2010
Bandera, Texas

I wasn't sure what to do with Cactus Rose, even after I'd signed up for the race a month earlier. The race is a semi-self-supported 50 mile and 100 mile race through the Hill Country State Natural Area in Bandera, Texas outside San Antonio. There isn't any food or sports drink at the aid stations - if you want anything, you have to provide it yourself. In a race of this distance, you should probably be doing that anyway, so Cactus really makes you think about your race strategy. There is water and ice at each aid station, and the course is really well marked, so it's not a fat-ass type race.

Brushy Creek Trail

The Brushy Creek Trail in Williamson County connects Cedar Park to Round Rock along scenic Brushy Creek. The trail is the WilCo alternative to the popular downtown Austin Lady Bird Lake Trail - a wide, crushed granite and concrete trail for runners, strollers, dog walkers, and recreational biking. The trail is too narrow for road cyclists to use safely, and not all of it is a hard surface.

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