Little Rock Hiking

One of the best places for hiking near Little Rock is Pinnacle Mountain State Park - the park is just to the west of Little Rock, and has great views at the top of the park.

For longer hikes, pick up the Ouchita Trail - at 225 miles, you can go as far out as you want.


Pinnacle Mountain State Park


Pinnacle Mountain State Park just outside of Little Rock, Arkansas, is a popular place to go for a hike - although it isn't the tallest mountain in Arkansas, the views from the top are fantastic.

There are two trails to the top - the West Summit Trail and the East Summit Trail. The West Summit Trail is 0.75 miles long, and is marked with signs from 1 to 10 that let you know how far you are from the top. This is not an easy climb, and can be quite strenuous - and that's the easy way up! The East Summit Trail involves more hand over hand boulder climbing, so that's not for the faint of heart. You can also hike around the base of the mountain, or take one of the many other trails in the park - these link up to the Ouchita Trail, which goes for 225 miles into Oklahoma.

Arkansas River Trail

The Arkansas River Trail runs along both banks of the Arkansas River in Little Rock, Arkansas and North Little Rock. The trail is longer in North Little Rock, but will be extended on the Little Rock side to match to make a loop trail. The trail is paved, and very suitable for road biking, inline skating, or running.

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