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Ouachita 50 Trail Race
Up and over Pinnacle Mountain on the way out, luckily not on the way back
Saturday, April 16, 2011
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50K Ultramarathon, 50 Mile Ultramarathon, Trail Run
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The Ouachita Trail 50 Mile and 50K starts in Maumelle Park and then runs on pavement for three miles to Pinnacle Mountain State Park. There's an "easy" and a "hard" way up the mountain - both races take the hard way up the mountain and the easy way back down the mountain. Of course the easy way isn't actually that easy - but there is a photographer on top of the mountain to catch your summit!

From Pinnacle Mountain, both races head out and back on the Ouachita Trail - the 50K turns around before the 50 mile, but if you're not going to make the 50 mile cutoff of 13 hours, you can turn around at the 50K turn off and still get credit for a 50K finish.

Weather at this race can be dicy - it can be cold and rainy or hot and muggy - likely both in the same day.

The OT50 is one of those races that's been around for a while, and it's pretty much dialed in - a classic race, not a marketing-driven flash in the pan.