City Park Mountain Bike Trail
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Austin, TX 0 Reviews/Comments 6.00 miles

The City Park Mountain Bike/Motocross Trail in Emma Long Metro Park is one of the most technical trails in Austin. The six mile loop is a one-way trail, so follow the trail markings carefully. This trail is not open to hikers or runners, except once a year for the Rogue Trail Series Loop race.

The mountain bike trail contains a lot of limestone ledges and rocky drop-offs, without a lot of easy flowing sections - so expect to spend a decent amount of time working on the obstacles until you can clear them. It is possible to ride all of this trail without putting your foot down, but you have to be pretty good!

This trail is free, but you have to pay to go down into the developed area of City Park. That area has a really nice beach and picnic area on Lake Austin, and some camping.

The Austin XTERRA triathlon uses this trail for part of the bike course, making Austin one of the hardest XTERRA's.

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